Fengshui Healing Gardens

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The Chinese tradition of feng shui and its Japanese equivalent kaso involve specialists who are called upon to design or redesign habitable structures in ways that will promote harmony and balance. Corporations in the West have recently discovered the tradition and increasingly employ feng shui consultants to create more psychologically friendly office spaces and reception areas.

When you walk into a space of any kind, your body receives thousands of unconscious signals, making you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. You might say something like, “This place has a nice feel” or a “conducive spirit.”

The practitioner would say you are expressing exactly what feng shui is all about. The analogy of wind and water is often used. An obstruction causes both to change their movement and break their natural motion.

The sense of flow and natural movement was originally attributed to spirits. Furniture or architecture would obstruct spiritual entities, causing blockage and a feeling of tenseness or anxiety. But consultants now try to explain the feng shui concept in terms of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Fulfilment. And are succeeding with this approach. Office buildings and hospitals report increased efficiency and profitability when people sense the calmness of a strategically placed water garden or sculpture. Clients feel more at ease after a simple rearranging of furniture. Workers take fewer sick days. Peaceful surroundings promote wa, camaraderie between employees and company, and a peaceful home and family life when fengshui is practised in the home and garden.

Stripped of what we westerners might call the “smoke and mirrors” of Eastern spirituality, feng shui has been shown to improve the bottom line. It thus becomes yet another example of Eastern wisdom that, in terms of Western sensibilities, was way ahead of its time, a concept that was widely misunderstood in the West until it could be explained in a new context.

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Feng shui for health is one of the first steps to consider when looking to apply feng shui in your home and garden. No matter if your health is slightly out of balance, or you have been going through health complications for a while now, feng shui can help increase your energy levels and stay healthy.

Fresh good quality air and fengshui air puryfying plants, vibrant coulers specifific to to correct area of the home and garden for ultimate chi flow

Feng Shui is all about creating positive energy for living spaces, but it begins outdoors. This is where you can create your Feng Shui garden.


The design of a home’s garden can also improve all aspects of a homeowner’s life. The process begins with reviewing the different principles associated with Feng Shui. We Start by reviewing the path chi takes. Chi involves the flow of positive energy.

And chi is especially important in a garden. This is because a home’s garden represents a homeowner’s future health wealth and happiness.

We Start by counteracting aspects of negative or bad chi in your garden.

It’s also important that we include all of the elements of Feng Shui — earth, fire, metal, wood and water — and a garden is the perfect location for these elements. This is because each of these can easily be represented in a garden setting:

The earth can be represented with stones, both those that are used for pathways and walkways, along with those used as decoration

Water can be included with a water garden or fountain

A metal bench, statue or ornament can bring metal to the area

Fire can be achieved with the red colors of plants and flower, along with ornaments and lighting

Wood is natural through the presence of plants, trees and shrubs

Allow Feng Shui to flow properly in your garden and you can expect an area that not only peaceful and relaxing, but also that will battle negative elements while promoting those that are positive.

Garden Design

A healing garden is a vague term , but its purpose is to support generalized healing by helping people to become aware of there health, well, and whole. A meditation garden is likely to encourage inwardly focused attention for the purpose of deepening personal knowledge and attaining peace with oneself. A contemplation garden provides an ambience conducive to examining issues beyond and/or larger than oneself in a thoughtful, deliberate, perhaps spiritual or mystical way. When creating any of the above garden types, a designer’s intention is to present elements that serve as catalysts, inspiring individuals to reach further out and thus get closer to their individual goals.

LandScape Design

When you use Harmony Spaces, you benefit from our teamwork structure that ensures all groundwork is done by ground workers, structural work is done by professional builders (bricklayers masonary workers, carpenters and electricians etc.), and planting is done by professional horticulturalists, planting up in the correct combination of plants for the desired effect, etc, roses, shrubs, climbers, seasonal bulbs, and ground cover.
Our Spiritual approach will take into consideration our clients particular area of understanding of spiritualality, be it FengShui, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Quantum Healing, Holistic Healing, etc, or combinations of either, we keep a completely open mind on our clients needs.

This approach is one that ensures our landscaping garden design services are to our clients complete satisfaction.

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